Business Training

Byron specializes in improving business presentation skills, business communications, customer relations, and supervisory/management skills.


Byron is a versatile energetic speaker that can engage crowds from the age of 3 to 92 1/2. He knows that people learn and retain more when they are entertained.


Byron coaches individuals to improve their speaking/presentation skills.  He understands these skills are essential to career advancement and improving businesses.

Quotes from clients:
Byron is a very engaging, electrifying speaker. His passion is infectious and unmatched. His compassion for people is shown in his positive reinforcement, humanity, humility and makes it meaningful to everyone. Drawing from life experiences, he is inspiring and entertaining. There is something inspirational about him. He is really going places with the right amount of humor, visuals, and anecdotes, “note-taking” ideas and “taking-away” ideas, while remaining connected. Absolutely a great speaker! A True Champion!
Glenna Canada
Randall County Treasurer

I would love to hear you speak again!  And, if you were in my area, I would pay for coaching!  You rock!!
Judy Otts Pain-Marshall
Conroe, Tx